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Shipping containers are the construction technology of the future. They are an up and coming concept that are gaining momentum all across the world. At 4tress, we are excited to work at the forefront of this new-age innovation as the only company in Ohio licensed to redefine and modify shipping containers into elegant and fully furbished living and working spaces.

Shipping containers are tough. Weather rated for up to 150 miles per hour, they can withstand extreme environments and are made to last. Strong, resilient, and ready for the elements, shipping containers are the best solution for efficient and cost-effective living and working spaces in even the harshest conditions.

Screen Shot 2020-02-06 at 11.19.02 .png

Shipping containers can be virtually anything. An office, a house, a storage facility, a mess hall, you name it. We can do it with a shipping container. They can be stacked, linked, and, because they are made to be shipped, they can be easily transported. Shipping containers can be temporary or permanent, luxurious or minimalist, made for work or play. In addition, they are easily re-purposed, resold, and re-deployed. 

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Your Home of the Future

State Certified

We are the only Modular Home Company certified in the state of Ohio

Live Free

Live and Move wherever you want with your 4TRESS


Crompletely Customizable and Recreatable! 

Affordable and Efficient

We offer financing and business solutions for your living style

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