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Jonathan C. Willette

Principal- Sales, Strategy and Design
Direct : 614.378.0810
Email :

Karen Willette

Director of Asset Management
Phone : 614.707.4444
Email :

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Drew Dascenzo

Sales Administrator
Phone: 330.417.3309
Email :


Kaitlyn Willette

Business Development 
Phone : 614.707.4444
Email :


Sheila Wangari Ndungu

Team Support


Our competitive advantage is our team. Our team is our family. For several of us, this is literally true. Three of our team members are a husband-wife-daughter team, working together in the quintessential “family business”. But the family aspect of our team doesn’t stop at the bloodline. When interviewing an individual to join the 4 Points family, we get to know the person as a person. We conduct several interviews, and we meet him or her in different settings. We want to know who we will be working alongside each day. We are more than just co-workers. This is unique. As an office, we take time to bond as a team. We’ve taken a day to explore The Short North, a community with shops and restaurants in our area. We’ve gone to the shooting range. We’ve gone to Topgolf. We recognize the importance of relaxing and having fun together to working hard and being productive. We see that a team of people who are bonded and who honestly enjoy being together is hard to beat. We are thankful for our team.

    Our unique selling point is that we honestly care about the people we get to serve. There isn’t a single one of us at 4 Points who would feel comfortable leaving someone feeling disrespected. There is a corporate coldness that permeates the world of business that we just don’t want to have. Every interaction, every meeting and call and email should leave the other person feeling like a valued individual. We strive for that at 4 Points and this gives us an edge on competitors who would have a steelier disposition towards the people they serve. In addition, we are not “check the box” workers. If it’s not quality, it’s not done. That is how 4 Points wants to live.

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