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Condado Tacos

We started working with Condado in 2017 when they had 7 locations, mainly in Central Ohio. Throughout our time with them, we helped them open 8 more locations, and rehabilitate 3 of their existing locations spanning Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Indiana.  We opened the new stores and refreshed the old, creating new systems, furniture, and designs in the process.

​Condado recently received equity from Beekman Group LLC, giving them the financing to take their chain nationwide. We are honored to have been part of the team with them on this journey towards the next step in their business! 

Kimball Animal Hospital

When we started with Kimball Animal Hospital, it was a single unit in a strip center. Throughout our time with them, we led them in purchasing more space in the center and connecting the spaces together, giving Dr. Rivas more room for his practice and increasing his profitability.


The Animal Hospital of Shawnee Hills

We utilized several of our services with this forward-thinking Veterinarian owned business. Initially we did a specific demographic study to locate the site to build the clinic. We worked closely with the owner to design a clinic that not only would be set up for exemplary care of pets, but also have the space to accommodate a busy staff and be welcoming to clients. We then proceeded to build this fine clinic from the ground up. A stand out design feature of this project was being creative with building materials to buffer the animal noises from the surrounding neighborhood.

The Mobile Store

Our fully functional mobile store. This shipping container solution was modified in Columbus, Ohio and then shipped to the Nebraska State Fair to serve its new purpose.


Central Ohio Compounding Pharmacy

We consulted with COCP to find them a new space, negotiate the lease, and modify the new space to their specifications to meet their laboratory and office needs.

Family Dollar

We began our relationship with Family Dollar, a value and convenience variety store, by conducting an initial site search to find the perfect site where they could be a value added for the community. That perfect site was found on the West side of Columbus, Ohio in an area known as the Hilltop. Understanding that this store would be the first building in the new Hilltop overlay, we worked closely with neighborhood residents to create a two story brick design that would compliment the established architecture of the area. ​

Projects that we have completed for this Client:


Ohio Education Association

We are proud to have OEA as a client and are working with them on a consulting basis!

WP Glimcher

4 Points consults regularly with this large, publicly traded commercial development firm on individual national projects. We have been able to move in swiftly and work on projects, helping WP Glimcher free up time and add value.


KLA Schools

4 Points worked with the franchise owner of this national preschool chain to build the school from the ground up in a suburb of Chicago, IL. Demographic studies were done to find a site that would be an asset to a community of young families. Once the site was determined we worked through the design and construction management phases of this project to create a stand out school for the community.

Projects that we have completed for this Client:

  • KLA Schools Plainfield- Plainfield, IL

Edinburgh Cove Phase 3

4 Points consulted with this landowner on a residential land development contract in London, Ohio. We put together a project team to share information with the landowner and lay out project options. A unique feature of this project was that it was the first project for 4 Points for residential use.

Projects that we have completed for this Client:

  • Sale of 2 properties

  • Consulting on development of 33 lots

Screen Shot 2019-06-04 at 3.58.46 PM.png

Scioto Family Physicians

This thriving medical practice consulted with 4 Points Development to understand their real estate portfolio. As a result the practice partners were able to take advantage of their assets for other investments.

Projects that we have completed for this Client:

  • Building Sale- 5130 Bradenton Ave, Dublin, Oh

JD Equipment

The ownership of JD Equipment has utilized many of the 4 Points Development services, beginning with consulting, to better understand their real estate portfolio and how best to move forward with their investments. With our consulting, development, design and construction management services, to date, 4 Points Development has built Retail and Shop from the ground up, a new corporate headquarters and re-purposed two existing buildings for JD in both New Albany and Hilliard, Ohio. These new sites have helped to increase the retail experience for their customers, and in turn, have increased their sales. A highlight of the construction designs for two of the locations was to create highway visibility by utilizing a glass storefront to display the equipment.

Projects that we have completed for this Client:

  • JD Equipment of New Albany

  • JD Power and Tool of New Albany

  • JD Equipment of Hilliard

  • JD Equipment Corporate Office


The Hunter's Cabin

From retailing spaces, to disaster relief, to military use, we are pioneering the new landscape for the future of tiny housing options. We are the only company in Ohio certified to  modify shipping containers to be fully functional shipping container homes that provide the same fully functional amenities as regular homes do.  We believe these extremely portable completely customizable shipping container homes and housing units will provide a sound solution, encompassing all uses public, private, and commercial.


Here we see our Hunter's Cabin prototype. This model is complete with a sleeping area, kitchen sink, hotplate stove, refrigerator, heater, toilet, shower, bathroom sink, and lighting. It currently resides at our office, but has traveled to conventions in Michigan and Kentucky. Contact us today for a tour!

National Entertainment Network

NEN first connected with 4 Points to help them create a new system to build their store in store sites. In consulting with NEN, we were able to develop a system that cut shipping costs, contractor costs, and product costs as well as reduced fees. We then managed many construction companies to build out over 500 game rooms in multiple Wal-Mart stores nationwide. A focal point of these multiple projects was that we managed to keep clean working environments within operational Wal-Mart stores and all 500 projects were completed and opened on time.

Projects that we have completed for this Client:

  • Multiple Wal-Mart locations across the country


Third Base Pint House

We helped Third Base evaluate their current space and consider a second location, walking through site search, market analysis, and business study.

Kaiser Consulting

This accounting firm hired us to conduct a site search for a new office location.


The Columbus Zoo

We have had the privilege of working with the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium on several special projects.

Other Clients

We have had the honor of working with these early-education establishments to build a multitude of preschools and daycares.

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